Download and try these sample lessons

Reading Accuracy: Foundations

The Level A sample includes Lessons 12, 47 and 70.

Reading Accuracy: Advanced Decoding

The Level B sample includes Lessons 131, 170 and 171.


The sample includes Lessons 1 and 94.

How to use the sample lessons

Open both the Teacher and Student documents and view them side-by-side or print both documents. Each lesson contains a number of different activities labelled A, B, C and so on. The Materials section under each activity heading tells the teacher what is required to run the activity. Where the Materials section makes reference to the Teacher Booklet alone, only the Teacher Booklet is required for the activity. Where the Student Booklet is required, find the corresponding activity in the Student materials (e.g., for Lesson 15A find Lesson 15A in the Student materials).


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