How it works...

Understanding Words® is actually three programs: Reading Accuracy: Foundations, Reading Accuracy: Advanced Decoding, and the Comprehension program.

The Reading Accuracy programs consist of 215 graded lessons that teach phonological awareness, letter-to-sound conversion rules, word-decoding skills, spelling skills and a limited number of spelling "rules", and how to read the 110 most frequently occurring irregular-words (e.g., come). Students apply this knowledge and skill to activities that require them to read sentences, stories, and passages with comprehension questions attached.

The Comprehension program consists of 110 lessons that teach higher-level language skills, such as how to make predictions, understanding of figurative language (e.g., idioms), and how to make inferences when listening and reading. Students are taught a method for determining the meaning of new words that helps them acquire vocabulary independently.

Both programs are administered by following detailed teaching scripts that tell the teacher, teacher assistant or parent helper everything they need to say and do to administer the program effectively. As we are fond of saying to people, just read what's in blue and do what's in black!

See the Sample Lessons page for examples of the teacher scripts.

See here for the teaching sequence of the Reading Accuracy program